Why Sound Design is So Important in Video Games 

Video games have developed a lot since the first video game was released. Image was always the most important thing in a video game and in recent years the image quality of video games has improved massively making the game feel real. The resolution is what determines the quality of the image on your screen and game consoles have been designed to handle a higher resolution which has allowed for more life-like games. The refresh rate, the texture quality, and the tessellation have also improved dramatically and all contribute to the high standard of video games we are now used to.

However, it’s not just image that is important, to make a game a great experience for the use, sound is just as important as image. Out of all our senses, it is sound that we respond to most acutely making sound almost more important than image. Audio makes important parts of games much more memorable and more enjoyable and it really helps to immerse the user in the game world as it is a big factor in setting the mood of the game and defining the characters. 

The importance of sound design

Sound can massively impact our emotions, upbeat sounds can provoke happiness in us and sharp sounds can cause us to feel frightened or tense. This is a great thing for sound design in a game as if people are aware of this they can design the perfect sounds for the game to set the right mood and tone. Sound can be designed to make the players feel more like they’re in the location that the game is set in. For example, they can take sounds from desert-based countries such as instruments like the oud or the darbouka to make it feel more like an authentic experience.  

Sound design isn’t just finding the right background music to match the geography and the mood of each part of the game, it’s also for the users’ interaction throughout the game. Any characters that the player will interact with throughout the game there should be audio alongside speech bubbles to make the game more immersive and enjoyable. It is also important to have sounds in various other aspects of games, like when health is low to make the player aware, encouragement when the player completes a task like defeating a boss and even little things like the sound of the player’s feet when they walk. 

Games with great sound design

Some of the highest-rated games for sound design may surprise you. The Sims had a great sound design team working on it, instead of having to develop the game slightly differently for release in each country they created their own language: SimlishIt’s completely untranslatable which makes it much more imaginative and it gives the user the opportunity to pick their own tone and tempo of their avatar’s voice. 

League of Legends is another highly rated game for sound design amongst other things. League of Legends has many great features, the sound design of the game has been highly rated by game critics as it does a great job of getting the user immersed in the League of Legends universe. There are some other great features that make League of Legends a great game, if you can tweak your command prompt this is how you appear offline in league of legends which is a feature users love as it allows them to climb the ranks without their friends knowing that they’re playing. Other games with great sound design include Portal 2, Bioshock, Dead Space, and Overwatch. 


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