Ways To Make Your Music More Interesting

In a period of PC based music, circles and impeccably matched up sounds can get dreary and stale. It is progressively more imperative to infuse enthusiasm and life-like vitality that catches the eye of your crowd. This guide traces a few different ways you can create music that catches and clutches your audience members

Now and then, you’ll create sub-par music. On the off chance that you have your music creation down yet you feel like it’s deficient in intrigue, what do you do? There are a couple of straightforward ways you can zest up a blend and make it all the more intriguing.


An additional percussion track in the ensemble helps lift it. I’m presently looking at changing the drum beat – which the drummer ought to have done in any case – yet including an additional percussion layer.

Include a tambourine track over the tune, or supplement different shaker designs all through the tune to make a liquid mood track. This works uncommonly well when the greater part of your musicality tracks are thumps and drum circles. Including that layer of a human percussion, execution refines a generally mechanical cadence track.


You don’t generally need to add a lead instrument to make enthusiasm for your blends. Including a supporting instrument like an organ track underneath everything helps give the tune a thicker establishment, and some of the time, an exceptionally cool vibe. Envision how to void a considerable lot of Pink Floyd’s melodies would sound on the off chance that they didn’t have that thick layer of cushioned organs giving the consonant substance to Dave Gilmour’s performance.

A cushion is an extremely significant creation apparatus to make an all the more fascinating blend. Call your console player next time you feel that your performances and tunes need more heartfelt quality. Those basic harmonies provided by the organ cushions can truly help make your blend all the more intriguing.

Unrelated Instruments

Break new ground. Trade out the anticipated guitar solo for a quieted trumpet or a saxophone. Done right, it will sound cool and flighty simultaneously. On the off chance that you find the audience napping yet keep them intrigued, you’ve succeeded.

Backing Vocals

Each song is improved with a basic amicability. It’s so easy to utilize, and it works unfailingly. A multiplied congruity backing up the principle song is the simplest and best approach to make more enthusiasm for your vocals.

It doesn’t need to be a troublesome concordance, and it doesn’t need to be consistent either. Highlighting a vocal expression to a great extent goes far towards making a fascinating vocal creation.

Tests and Sound effects 

The nature of your examples and how you use them all through a blend can have a major effect. It’s critical to pick or make the best quality sounds. Creating a track around feeble or deficient sounds can hurt your blend.

How you send your sounds is likewise significant. Rounding out your blend in with audio cues and themes is an incredible method to include articulation, drive vitality, and pressure. Likewise, the signal advances or different changes.


At the point when artists play instruments live, there are unobtrusive varieties and defects in timing, pitch, level, and note length that gives the music a characteristic vibe. On the other hand, the advanced idea of programming-based music sounds inflexible, mechanical, and dreary when notes and instruments are completely quantized, or rhythm matched up.


Automation is a basic procedure that helps make your music sound fascinating, energizing, and dynamic. One of the most impressive highlights in your DAW is its capacity to computerize the development of almost every gadget or interface boundary accessible after some time. Automation can be attracted and altered with your mouse or recorded continuously during playback with a regulator or by modifying a boundary. Likewise, automation is a flexible preparation procedure utilized for either blending and remedial work or innovatively for sound structure and sound control.


Electronic music is extremely dull and can immediately get dreary without variety. It’s basic to keep your audience members intrigued. Perhaps the most straightforward approach to make your music all the more captivating is to apply variety. It’s essential to cause your music to advance and change after some time to keep things intriguing. Presenting unobtrusive measures of variety is vital to improving a dreary or stale blend.

Create an Immediate Hook

Starting the music with one that instantly attracts the audience’s interest is a smart idea. An awesome lyric or a captivating melody is going to do the trick. Seizing the listener’s interest during the song’s initial 5-10 seconds is indeed a strong way to make listeners like the remainder of the music played. Mind to keep it exciting after the release, as at every point, you do not want to annoy the crowd.

Keep things plain and easy

In your compositions, you will be able to articulate explicitly what you’d like to say. This doesn’t mean your song doesn’t have tough solos or complex fills. Rather than having to put so many bad pieces on top of one another, concentrate on creating individual sections of high quality.

Add Surprises 

A song might get repetitive if imaginative stuff doesn’t happen sufficiently. Add a few things you’d not like to see happen. Be cautious, though, since introducing so many twists will ruin and disturb the song so much.

Allow the music to continually grow

It’s more fun to listen to anything that’s always evolving than something that’s stayed the same. That isn’t to suggest you can’t replay any sections of an album. The concept is to not bore much more of one stuff to your audiences.

The most significant thing you can detract from this guide is that experimentation and inventiveness go far. Take a portion of these thoughts and give varieties of them a shot a wide range of sounds. You may find that imaginatively altering the sounds in your blend yields preferred outcomes over including considerably more sounds.

Next time you produce music that doesn’t sound cool enough, consider these things. Include some percussion, trade out the standard instruments for something all the more fascinating, and use backing vocals and cushions to make a cooler consonant structure.

These thoughts are straightforward and simple to utilize and can enable a funny blend to get cooler.


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Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.