Things To Know Before Making Music

What does a music maker do? 

By the conventional definition, a music maker is somebody who directs, oversees, and controls how to deliver and record a tune.

Be that as it may, in the last 10-20 years, music creation has gotten significantly more available. Quality music can be made on your standard PC, and costly equipment isn’t required.

Which drives us to the Bedroom Producer, there are so many bedroom producers, I don’t have costly equipment, and I don’t possess a monstrous studio. The Bedroom Producer is what I will allude to in this post.

Things being what they are, what does the bedroom producer do?


  • Songwriting
  • Sound structure
  • Arrangement
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

At any rate, more often than not. When recording and creating a melody for a high gauge (think top 40, business music), you’ll ordinarily have various individuals taking a shot at the record.

One individual might be working with the artist(s) and preparing them, another might be searching for thoughts, and another may concentrate on the sonic nature of the track, blending it down and making it sound right.

The room maker normally does the entirety of this. They think of melodic thoughts, orchestrate those thoughts, and conclude them.

A couple of things that a room maker does:

  • Creating or recording melodic thoughts (songs, harmonies, vocals)
  • Arranging thoughts
  • Mixing and acing
  • Sound plan

Here’s an average arrangement of steps that I may experience while creating a track:

  1. Come up with a snare or song. Something noteworthy.
  2. Make a drum segment with singular examples and circles.
  3. Configuration sounds for melodic thoughts, for example, basslines, songs, and harmony movements.
  4. Organize the track, taking a shot at breakdowns, fabricate ups, sections, and melodies.
  5. Mixdown, the track, utilizing EQ and pressure among different impacts to make the track sound spotless and prepared for acing.
  6. Ace the track, raising the volume to a serious level, and setting up the track for discharge.

This is a disentanglement, and every maker will have their style and work process. In any case, ideally, this gives you an essential thought of what a maker does.

Three things you should think about being a Music Maker 

  1. It’s troublesome
  2. It’s assorted
  3. It’s fulfilling

In case you’re searching for a simple leisure activity, this isn’t it. Yet, in case you’re searching for something that will decidedly affect your life, cause you to think fundamentally and creatively, and give you the delight of making something – at that point, it’s the leisure activity for you.

Being a music maker is hard for various reasons. The first is that it requires some investment to get to a level where your music is worth discharging.

There are complexities engaged with music creation that not just require a long time to comprehend in principle. However, they require purposeful practice.

Regardless of whether you have extraordinary melodic thoughts, your blending abilities probably won’t be incredible, or your sound plan may not be up to the norm.

Music creation is additionally an extremely various field. A maker may deliver music for an endorser or rapper, compose music for motion pictures, plan sounds for computer games, record and architect live groups or produce music for themselves.

A lot of professions open doors as a maker, and it’s useful to consider all the above mentioned.

In particular, however, and regardless of the trouble, being a music maker is fulfilling! There’s nothing more fulfilling than completing your music and having individuals’ value it. The prizes exceed the disappointment by a wide margin.

Are there openings for work? 

There is a wide range of vocation ways that are firmly identified with music creation:

  • Artist profession: visiting, collection deals, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Audio building: blending and acing music, live stable at occasions, and so on.
  • Commercial creation: delivering music for ads, games, films.
  • Teaching: showing others how to make music.
  • Sound plan: planning sounds for games, films, and so forth.

The vast majority, including yourself (likely), need the conventional craftsman profession.


Since it’s the energizing thing that each maker/DJ/performer longs for – being in front of an audience before thousands playing your music.

In any case, it’s not for everybody, so try to consider a portion of the choices depend on what you appreciate doing.

For instance, on the off chance that you like sound structure, perhaps you’d prefer to make sounds for different artisans, or computer games, or possibly you’d prefer to turn into a foley artisan for movies and TV shows.

Think about the alternatives, evaluate the various aptitudes, and settle on an educated choice.

Step by step instructions to begin with delivering 

It’s all acceptable and well realizing what a music maker does, how troublesome it is, and possible vocations – however, how would I even begin?!

What programming would it be a good idea for you to utilize, what apparatus do you need, how would I compose my first tune, and where would I be able to gain proficiency with this?

What do I have to begin? 

All you truly need is a DAW and an average pair of earphones. Peruse our article 5 Stages of an Electronic Music Producer for famous DAWs. Look at our uber manage How to Make Electronic Music to find out about the “Base Viable Studio”.

Also, concerning earphones, there are a lot of incredible alternatives. Something moderate for most, not economically made, and sound incredible for electronic music.

I have no involvement with music. Would I be able to even now learn creation?

Truly! A considerable lot of your preferred makers began delivering with no past melodic experience. Indeed, it helps, yet you can get abilities like songwriting and tune composing en route.

Indeed, the music hypothesis is only one piece of music creation, and even the individuals who have played an instrument before are just at a slightly preferred position.

Music Production Gear, what do I need? 

My recommendation to new makers would be to not pressure a lot on gear. Another bit of creation gear, regardless of whether it be a MIDI console, programming module, or earphones, won’t make you a superior maker.

These things may unquestionably help your innovative procedure and help with the specialized side of things; however, they won’t naturally make you a superior maker.

Creation of Learning Resources

In the wake of downloading a DAW and messing about for a piece, you need some direction, correct?

Having a choice of learning assets is fundamental. Here are a couple of paid and free assets I suggest.


Courses are an effective method to learn music creation since they give you data, however a framework and structure for learning.

This is something YouTube instructional exercises will, in every case, always be unable to do, because it’s completely founded on your goals and what you’re searching for. A course shows you the things you have to know, regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea of what they are.

The job of the maker has been developing for quite a long time and years. It used to be the individual who booked the studio meetings, recruited the performers, and controlled the chronicles’ course. Today, that job stays for a few. However, we likewise take a gander at makers as “the individuals who make the beats.”

So, while the conventional maker job is still alive, it’s developing, and performers are getting increasingly more capable of figuring out how to create their music.   Since the maker’s job is changing so rapidly, numerous performers have been assuming control over creation.

Thus, if you’ve concluded this is truly something you need to do, there are a couple of instruments you’ll require. A PC or PC is fundamental, yet past that, there are innumerable projects and devices to get your music sounding sharp and present day.


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Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.