The Importance of Music: How it Can Change your Entire Life

Music is one of the most important and most loved things in our society, it is one of the things that people bond and connect over more than anything. It is something that unites people worldwide as it is something that is prominent in every society and binds us all together. Millions of people worldwide have formed lifelong friendships over a shared love for music, whether that’s from playing the same instrument and practicing or jamming out together to try and help each other improve, or if you play different instruments and form a band or many friendships are formed at gigs where there is a shared love for the performer or online friendships as there are many communities online that are fandoms, for example, Justin Bieber fans label themselves believers and reach out to each other on social media sites like Twitter. There are so many reasons that people have a deep love for music, but many people are unaware that it can actually help to transform your life. Music has such an effect on us and it is almost always positive, this can actually be used to help change your life for the better. 

Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument is something that takes a very long time and a lot of commitment as you’ll have to practice it pretty much every single day to be able to play. There are so many instruments to choose from to play that there is bound to be an instrument for everyone to fall in love with. The most widely played and popular instrument is the guitar, whether you pick electric or acoustic depends on what kind of music you like. Some other commonly played instruments include the keyboard and the violin, if you want to be a bit different then you can try out the banjo or the harp. Go to a music shop and try out some of the instruments to help you decide which you would play. Once you’ve found an instrument you can use a bíblia para o milhão to help you learn as it is filled with different tricks and tips for every area of your life. Learning an instrument can help to change your life as not only is it an enjoyable and rewarding hobby but playing an instrument has been linked to a rapid improvement in memory as it requires a lot of brain energy to use both hands at the same time when playing an instrument.  

There are many other great benefits linked to learning a new instrument that can help to change your life completely. Music has a massive effect on our emotions and can sway how we’re feeling, this can work both ways but usually if you’re feeling down or stressed and you hear a song you love, your mood is lifted instantly. This also happens when you play an instrument yourself, if you play the song you’ve learned then it’s been linked to lowering stress levels and in the long run it can reduce your blood pressure. Those who play instruments also tend to be smarter, there have been studies on children who play instruments vs those who don’t, and almost always the child who plays an instrument comes out smarter. There is a massive link between playing an instrument and improved academic performance, this doesn’t just apply to children. Finally, learning an instrument also helps you to become more confident in your own abilities and you’ll feel like you’re achieving something, which is a great feeling. When you feel more confident and smarter then you’ll see things start to change in your life for the better. 

Listening to Music

Listening to music has some similar effects on your mind and body to learn a new instrument. Like there are plenty of instruments, there are also plenty of genres of music meaning there will definitely be a genre of music out there that you listen to and feel emotional. It is one of those feeling that can’t be explained but is very real. In the last decade, scientists have realized how much music affects us and have started to study it. Some of the things that studies have revealed show us how music can change your life. For example, a study involving people diagnosed with depression showed that by listening to upbeat music more often, some of their depressive symptoms were eased. Music therapy is also one of the newest forms of therapy, this shows how strong a connection there is between your brain and hearing music so if you’re ever feeling down, keep this in mind and you might just be able to uplift your own mood. If you can identify which songs make you feel happy then this could change your life as you can listen to them when you’re feeling down.  


About Katie

Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.