The Best Musicians Producing Kids Music

Finding music that is suitable for your children to listen to may be difficult with the current climate and society we are living in. But believe it or not, there are some great bands out there for kids which even you adults will enjoy as well as your little ones! Whether it’s pop, rock, punk, or jazz- there will something for all the kids to enjoy. These songs could be for any occasion- whether it’s a birthday party for the kids or just a simply relaxed get-together with a couple of friends on a playdate in the garden. 


The Beatles 

We’re going to start off with a classic group here, who can not love the music from the Beatles? They truly are an icon to music and their music can be infectiously good, with Yellow Submarine being a brilliant tune to start introducing to the kids. The childish melody and catchy chorus get the kids excited and also the highly colored music video make it seem like it was made to be a kids song! Easing into the Beatles with the Yellow Submarine will help them fall in love with music from the beginning of their lives and keep up the grooving. You can even purchase a little submarine, dit is een geweldig cadeau voor jongen van 6 jaar that they can treasure for life as a memory of their first Beatles song and maybe even their fave! 


Recess Monkey 

This band was actually inspired by the great Beatles and has been known to make extremely catchy pop music for kids to enjoy. The kids love a song-along and these guys are always creating bangers for the kids to sing along to. Their best songs include That Laugh and if your kids are really in the mood for a dance then Take Your Kid to Work Day will be an absolute hit with them!  


Caspar Babypants 

The name says it all, this is already a hit with the kids with a funky name like that! The real name of Chris Ballew, the former President of the United States of America frontman often uses his voice and guitar to spice up childhood classics such as Ring Around the Rosie and Ba Ba Black Sheep. These make it even quirkier and cooler for the kids that were just about growing out of these old-school baby bangers! The best thing is, most of his music is palatable to adults- so parents don’t you worry I am thinking of you guys too! 


The Okee Dokee Brothers 

These two best friends, Justin and Joe are a definite go-to kids band that everyone in the family can enjoy and appreciate. Their melodic tunes are much more chill and relaxed which will be a hit with every birthday party and play date. One of their best tunes is Jamboree and The Boatman’s Dance- be sure you are in the mood for a boogie because these tunes will get you on a festive high!  


About Katie

Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.