The 7 Music Genres Blowing up in 2021

Music is one thing that every single person enjoys almost daily. Most people listen to music whilst completing any tasks they have, whilst studying, to party, and whilst commuting, it’s a massive part of people’s lives. Live music is also extremely popular from open mic night to a local band playing at your local pub, to famous bands who you love where you can meet hundreds of fans who share the same love you do, either are a great experience for music lovers. Listening to music has become much more accessible as technology has developed, the thought of only being able to listen to artists that you’ve purchased records of is hard to imagine, or even using a Walkman. Now, there are many popular music streaming services that you can pay a monthly subscription for and listen to any music you want from your phone or your laptop. Some of the most popular streaming services are Spotify, Itunes, and Soundcloud.  

If you’re interested in getting involved in making your own music then getting your music onto one of these streaming services is a great place to start. Soundcloud is the easiest streaming site to start with and many now successful bands have started their careers on this streaming site. You can create your own channel and upload any and all of your music onto it, people who already listen to similar artists may be recommended your music and it can help you start to build a fan base. If you want to grow your following quicker then you can buy soundcloud plays which will strengthen your channel’s credibility and make your music look popular which will make more people want to listen. The more popular your channel appears to be the more likely you are to go viral and maybe even be discovered by an agent to properly start your career. 


Although jazz music originated in the late 19th century in the African-American communities mainly in New Orleans, it is making a comeback and has spread all across the world. Whilst people have enjoyed jazz music since the 19th century it’s completely blowing up again this year and people are living for it. Jazz music has its roots based in the 12 bar blues and is filled with swing notes making it a fun music genre to listen to. If jazz is your scene then some of the best up-and-coming jazz artists include Camila Meza, Kamasi Washington, and Kendrick Scott Oracle. 

Rhythm & Blues 

Rhythm and blues is much more commonly known by its abbreviated name ‘R&B’. This too originated in the African-American communities but this time in the 1940s and it dominated the music scene until the 1970s. A typical band would usually be made up of a piano, a couple of guitars, bass, drums, at least 1 saxophone, and backing vocalists. Having so many instruments made a whole new sound and it is still a much-loved genre today. Some of the most popular artists who are bringing R&B back in 2021 include Kennedy Rd, Ragz Originale, and Enny. 


Techno music originated back in the 1980s in Germany and is a popular type of electronic dance music. The average techno set is based around a repetitive four on the floor beat which is continued throughout the entire set. Techno music mainly uses electronic instruments such as synthesizers and drum machines to achieve the sound they want. Some of the hottest new techno artists include Karol MelingerSadeen Younan, and Oliver Huntermann. 

Country Music 

Country music’s origins are also rooted in America but this time it’s American folk music that came from cowboy and western styles of music in New Mexico and Texas. Country music is mainly ballads, usually there is an acoustic instrument such as a piano, an acoustic guitar, or a harmonica. This is a super popular genre of music and 2021 is going to be a big year for country music thanks to new artists like Curt Chambers and Ashlie Amber. 


Punk really became its own genre of music in the 1970s when people felt strongly about fighting the system. These people felt like they didn’t fit into society and massively rejected mainstream music. This led to them creating their own genre of music Punk Rock. One of the biggest punk bands is still popular today: The Sex Pistols. Punk is making a comeback in 2021 as bands like Sheer Mag are carrying on this legacy.  

Alternative Rock 

Alternative Rock is a sub-category of Rock music that originated in the 1970s but really made its mark on music in the 1990s. This new genre emerged because the independent bands and those who differed from rock music needed their own title for their sounds. The biggest name in alternative rock is of course Kurt Cobain. There are some new great alternative rock bands emerging including Social Animals and Crown Lands. 

Indie Rock 

Indie rock is another subcategory of rock that is much less heavy than normal rock. It also emerged in the 1970s and was heavily influenced by the punk rock movement. Some indie songs have really stuck like ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’. Bands like Beam, Easy Life, and Bandagun are dominating the indie scene and starting to make it as popular as it once was again, 


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Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.