Helpful Tips To Keep Your Musical Instruments Protected

When planning to keep your musical instrument protected, there are a few crucial things that you have to keep in mind. Being a musician, we love our musical instrument, and when it comes to keeping them protected, it consumes lots of space. Putting the instrument, you are not using presently is an option. But it is only a good move when you take steps to keep them protected as it represents a significant investment and not to mention your livelihood. So, if you are planning to protect your musical instrument, consider the below-mentioned tips for the highest safety of your musical instrument.

Cleaning of the Musical Instrument

No matter which musical instrument you play, all your instruments can benefit from cleaning before storing it. Make some time to clean off the dust, dirt, debris from the surface of your musical instrument that build-up with regular use. If you have a wooden Musial instrument, consider using paste and resin to wax the surfaces properly. Disassemble all the parts of the instrument, remove the parts, relax the strings on guitars, and start cleaning the instrument.

Keeping the musical instrument clean before storage is a best practice, and it keeps the instrument protected and safe from all kinds of damages. Thorough cleaning of the musical instrument prevents dirt build-up and oily fingertips from damaging the instrument.

Putting Them in the Case

Unless it is a huge instrument like piano or other musical instruments to fit into the protective case, everything must be stored in the respective case for better protection. The cases make carrying of the instrument easier and protect it from dust, elements, and pests that may damage the expensive musical instrument by creating scratches and dirt build-up. For all large musical instruments, you may opt for the coverage to keep the dust and dirt away from the surface of the instrument.

Keeping your House Protected

Musical instruments are very expensive, and if they are in good shape, they can even have a higher resale value. So, they always remain the popular targets of thieves and buglers and hence keeping your home protected and secure makes sense for the protection of the musical instrument when you are not at home. Consider fencing the property with a robust entrance gate and improve the security system of your house.

Most of the buglers and thieves often look for soft targets that lack in security systems. So, if the house of secure and protected with a robust security system, it would make the job of the thieves difficult to a certain extent.

Never Leave Instruments Unattended 

If you carry your instrument with you and need to stop at stores or drop it off at your friend’s house for some time, ensure that the instrument is not unattended. It only takes a few minutes for a professional thief to break into the house and remove all the valuable items. There are many instances when musicians’ musical instrument is stolen at events, stores, and from any other places, and it is just because they are careless and left their instruments unattended. So, avoid doing so if you want to keep your instruments protected and secured.

Opt for Insurance

Just like you buy insurance for your valuable assets like cars and expensive phones, you must seriously consider opting for insurance for your musical instruments. Musical instruments are the valuable possessions, and it needs insurance so that you can have peace of mind knowing that it is covered when any misshapen occur. Many insurance companies provide insurance plans and programs for expensive musical instruments.

The insurance plan covers the expenses of the instrument when it is stolen, broken or damaged. Compare the insurance plans of different companies and check the type of coverage offered. Ensure that you are opting for the instrument insurance at competitive prices and stay safe than feel sorry later.

Look for the Dust

If you are using an electronic musical instrument like an electric guitar, there is serious energy that can invade your expensive instrument, the dust. The build-up of dust on the surface of the electrical music instrument can prove to be dangerous and fatal at times. It can cause severe damage to the electronic components, and the dust build-up can be a problem later when you are not using the instrument for a longer period.

The storage cases can help you to a certain extent, but for the instruments that don’t have a case, invest in some quality dust covers to keep your delicate and expensive instrument protected from damages caused by dust build-up.

Hire a Watcher

If you are a professional musician or have a band that makes several trips for performance and events, chances are you have lots of musical gears and instruments. You may have people lead the instruments in the vehicle and unload them at the event venue, but at times damages may occur to the instrument, or someone may steal the gear at the event. To avoid such miseries and incidence, hire a watcher or someone trustworthy to look after the musical instrument and stand a guard at the door until everything is packed and put back in or taken out. They must have a checklist to ensure that everything is fine and nothing is missing during or after the event.

Check them Frequently 

Once your event is over, and you put back the musical instrument into storage, make a point to keep checking the instrument frequently, especially after a natural disaster and severe weather conditions. Many musicians use storage facilities to store the instruments and gear, ensure that it is a gated facility and climate-controlled storage unit to protect the delicate gears against humidity, temperature surges, and other disasters.

Musical instruments and gears are expensive and considered as a lifetime investment. So, it would be best to take proper care of the instruments even when they are in storage. Never compromise the safety of the musical instrument, especially if it is your source of livelihood. Moreover, opt for an insurance plan for your musical instrument for its best protection.


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Katie Gutierrez is a passionate writer and a part-time musician. She is a prodigy when it comes to playing guitar. Occasionally, she visits her favorite cafe and plays with her band there.