Chart Toppers: The Hottest Hits of 2021 So Far

Now that the summer season is approaching and the weather is started to get warmer every day, season depression is slowly melting away and after over a year of living with various lockdown restrictions, people are ready to go out and spend time with their friends and family again. Everyone is excited for the world to go back to normal and to enjoy their summer as it should be spent. People are starting to visit attractions again, have fun days out at places like the zoo, the safari park, the arcade, and theme parks among other places. People are also looking forward to going out and enjoying a pint in the sun with their friends, make sure you’re ready for these days by getting a good quality vape to smoke alongside your drink, one of the best brands of vape that we would recommend is the Air Bar vape which is one of the highest qualities vapes on the market at the minute and is still a reasonable price. As people are getting ready for BBQs in their back garden and at the beach one thing that they need to make the day complete is a banging playlist, to help you create the best summer playlist that we can we’ve rounded up the hottest hits of 2021. 

Driver’s License

Driver’s license is a song that was released by Olivia Rodrigo in January 2021 and it has become the biggest song of 2021, it managed to stay in 1st place in the charts for 9 whole weeks. This is a massive achievement as it’s the song that stayed in first place for the longest time in 15 years, 15 years ago Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy in 2006 was the last song to keep that position for such a long time. This song was an instant hit and stayed popular as it was such a great song, it has been streamed online over 80 million times and has had over 700,000 chart sales, both impressive numbers. The singer was amazed that her song has become so popular and when speaking to Official Charts she released a thank you message to all her fans and explained how special it felt to have received so much love for her song, if you were a fan then you’ll be glad to hear that Rodrigo recently release a full album and all the songs are as great as Driver’s License. While it may not be the perfect song for a BBQ it is perfect for the walk home from the beach afterward. 



This was a debut single by the talented Scottish singer Nathan Evans. Evans made his way into the spotlight by the popular app TikTok, Wellerman went viral on TikTok and this brought Evans to the attention of Polydor who then offered him a record deal. This is the 2nd most popular song in 2021 as it has been streamed over 40 million times and has almost 400,000 chart sales, again very impressive numbers. He became a global phenomenon as his song managed to reach the top of the charts in 9 different countries. If you were a fan of Evans’ song then you’ll be glad to know that now he has a record deal you can expect a lot more from him in the next few years.  


Montero is a song by Lil Nas X that has been really popular so far this year. It originally gained attention thanks to the creative music video that accompanied it. During the music video, there is a clip where a stripper slides down a pole straight to hell and starts to give Satan a lap dance and then proceeds to snap Satan’s neck. This has been the most creative music video of 2021 which led to more people than expected watching it and once people watched the video they also fell in love with the song. This song also has a wholesome backstory which knowing helped people to relate more to song, Lil Nas X said that he wrote the song for his 14-year-old self as when he was that age, he was fearful of being gay and ready for love in the future. We love that Lil Nas X can now be himself and that his music has reached so many people who could be feeling the same way he did at 14. 


Peaches are one of the latest hits from Justin Bieber who is used to being top of the charts having had so many songs reach this position. He has announced that he was releasing a new LP called Justice and just before release day he surprised his fans with a debut single, no one was expecting it when he was doing his NPR Tiny Desk performance and when it dropped fans went crazy for it. The song also featured Daniel Cesar which was a great addition to the song and it’s likely that this will be a song that in years to come will remind everyone of summer 2021. 

Leave the Door Open

This was an exciting single as Bruno Mars joined up with Anderson Paak to try out a different genre of music – mid 70’s R&B. This was unexpected but they both smashed their first track as it ended up in the charts. This is a song that instantly brightens your mood so would be a perfect fit for your summer playlist.  


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