2020 Look Back: The 6 Biggest Breakout Stars on Spotify

In 2020 many of us turned to music as a way of escaping the daunting situation we are all currently in, thanks to so many of us turning to our favorite musical artists for entertainment and pleasure we have seen a lot of musical stars climb the ratings on Spotify to become some of the most popular music providers on the platform. Spotify is a great music subscription service that has a wide range of different artists and you can even Spotify plays kaufen to get the premium subscription where you can listen to music offline while you are on the go.

Spotify also offers custom playlists catered to certain moods and events so that users can have access to all of their favorites without having to make their own queue of music. This saves time that would otherwise be spent searching through your albums or playlists to find the right music for the atmosphere, and you can now relax with the ready-made playlists compiled from your listening history. There is also a wide range of Spotify picks playlist that is public for all account holders to use, with categories like the Top 40 which is updated weekly you can keep track of who is doing well in the music industry and listen to their latest work.


With the release of her new album, Sia has had much success with her unique voice and ability to create pop hits over and over again with her following only getting bigger with each record release. Sia’s popularity has not gone unnoticed by Spotify with her featuring on over fifteen Spotify premium playlists for three weeks running, this is one of the longest periods that an artist has been featured and is a sign of respect for Sia’s work.


Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is another great creator and they are known for their unique style of indie music, they have also had great success in recent years with many appearances on very popular Spotify playlist recommendations. The playlists that are made are based upon what songs are popular within each genre of music, so the fact that they have been shown so much reflects just how many people out there are listening to their music and subscribing to their accounts to keep up to date with their latest tracks.


The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a pretty current artist in terms of being popular and the fact that he has many appearances placing high on a mix of music charts all over the world. His unique and very relaxing style of rap, hip hop music has proven to be very popular, especially during 2020 it seems that we were all looking to The Weeknd to provide some much-needed therapy during these troubling times. He has had many hit songs appear all over the range of relaxing pop playlists that Spotigyu provides featuring songs like Blinding Lights and Starboy to name a few.



A classic artist to find success very early on in his time on Spotify would have to be rap and R&B artist Macklemore, his work as a stand-alone artist as well as his multiple collaborations with other stars such as Ed Sheeran and Kesha have proven to be very popular. The success of his latest album called Gemini would have to be one of the best albums he has created and the listening rates on Spotify are a great example of why he has been so successful, his songs have made several appearances on Spotify playlists meaning that he has a large following on the application.


Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi would have to be one of the quickest music success stories to ever occur, since the summer release of his single Someone, You Loved and the swift release of his first album soon after he has become quite a sensation. Lewis is known for the high range of his voice and his love story appeal that he brings to his music and this has done him very well in terms of creating some pretty good music. He has been seen on many Spotify official playlists and for good reason with his relaxing songs, I don’t think that his success is going to falter any time soon.


Fall Out Boy

The final breakout star on this list that has seen much success both in general and on Spotify would be fall out Boy, their high energy music and amazing vocals have seen them see much growth in popularity with every album. They have had many songs featured in popular Spotify play; lists and have had a huge amount of people following their accounts and listening to their music. This has resulted in them placing very high in many music charts all over the world showing that they truly are a global sensation.


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